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Ways to Drink Gin at Home

What exactly are the best ways to drink gin at home? Today we'll help you navigate adventures across the HENDRICK’S GIN universe from the comfort of your own home.

How does one enjoy gin at home – and will I need a cucumber?

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about gin – and let us look again at the queen of the spirits with a gaze as pure and uncomplicated as the liquid itself. We are not always in a cocktail bar – in the reassuring calm of our favourite bartender’s infinite wisdom – sometimes we are at home, and in these moments of blissful domesticity we might well consider: what exactly are the best ways to drink HENDRICK’S GIN at home? Facing such a recklessly open question may be daunting, but do not despair dear friend, we have the answers. Today we endeavour to help you navigate across the gin universe and explore the adventures of drinking gin from home. Let us depart!

Neat, straight up, or on the rocks: Is HENDRICK’S GIN a delicious drink by itself?

Let us start with the most basic of basics when drinking gin at home: can you drink HENDRICK’S GIN neat? Indeed, not only can you, but you should try it neat, even if just once. Your first neat gin may require a small degree of daring on your part, but it is something you will not regret. HENDRICK'S GIN'S sublime flavour is a mystical poem, a symphony of 11 marvellous botanicals, and one that requires your full contemplation. To meet HENDRICK’S GIN in this most natural state gives the drinker an opportunity to revel in a poetically balanced complexity in all its indescribable glory. Simply pour into a glass and appreciate this extraordinarily treat for the senses.

Once you have tried it in its primal state, you may wish to try it with a few ice cubes, at different temperatures, and in different glassware. The differences will surprise and delight those with a keen palate.

What are the most curious ways to drink HENDRICK’S?

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Oh, tonic water we love you so, but sometimes we venture into the seductive company of other mixers when we HENDRICK’S GIN at home. Each potential mixer resonates with a different note of HENDRICK’S GIN resulting in almost endless exquisite revelations, from the glacé flirtatiousness of grapefruit juice, the fire of ginger ale, and the endless summers of bitter lemon.

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Those wishing to take a step into the darker, more curious side when making cocktails at home, may even embrace the unruly excitement of more unique mixers, such as cola, coffee, or even tomato juice. Elderflower cordial is a favourite of HENDRICK’S Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie, as its delicate floral kiss brings out HENDRICK’S own, rather shy, elderflower cues. Then there is apple juice, orange juice, and of course, prosecco – each bringing its own theatrical dash to the opera of HENDRICK’S GIN. However, suggestions of pineapple juice may cause alarm in certain quarters!

When creating deletable gin cocktails at home, there is of course, no denying that high-quality chilled tonic is HENDRICK'S GIN'S first love, as its delicate open palate leaves acres of room for HENDRICK'S GIN'S spectacular flavour to shine in all its glory.  


HENDRICK’S GIN is deliciously infused with rose and cucumber, and is a curious, yet marvellous, wonder to experience when concocting cocktails at home. Fashions may change, but the HENDRICK’S GIN & Tonic remains an unimpeachable classic.

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‘WHAT OF THE MARTINI?’ I hear you scream. Now, while that is an excellent question, there is no need to scream about it!  The Martini, that singing symphony of liquid, described as “the elixir of quietude” by author E. B. White, occupies a much-revered position for any cocktail lover. The HENDRICK’S GIN Martini stands out as a shining star in the Martini cosmos.

Hendrick s Neptunia Gimlet Global IMG 5182x3585 Landscape v2

HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN is a captivating base for gin cocktails, and especially so in the following gin classics: HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA’S complex smoothness creates a beguilingly flavoursome NEPTUNIA  & TONIC; The Curious Margarita is given fathoms of new depth; and of course, HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN is a thrilling base for the HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA Gimlet

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What if I find myself utterly cucumber-less?

To approach HENDRICK’S GIN without a cucumber slice for garnishment purposes is not technically illegal, but it is considered rather bad manners. However, as with any matter related to making cocktails at home, all rules and tips can be followed or ignored as the cocktail maker wishes. HENDRICK’S GIN approves of your individuality and eccentricity, and gin is the most accepting of all the spirits. When drinking delicious HENDRICK’S GIN, mix with freedom, and let the cucumber guide you.

Yours in the love of cocktails,


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