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Winter Cocktails

Warming HENDRICK’S GIN Cocktails to Welcome the Wild Wonders of Winter.

We would like to share with you these special HENDRICK'S winter cocktail recipes to welcome the wonders of winter. Get ready to celebrate winter with our sublimely warming gin cocktails.

Copy of HG Festive Celebration Hot Spiced Apple 610 Joe SarahThere is a bright fire roaring in the hearth, a peaceful world of snow, fir trees outside the window and a hot cocktail waiting for you. Take off your coat, leave your frosty boots by the door and come in and take a big comfortable seat by the fire. You must be chilled right through to the bone; so may we offer you a HENDRICK'S Hot Spiced Apple? Imbibe liquid-good-cheer radiating in the heady scents of cloves, cardamom and fragrant orange peel. Beneath this sumptuous festival of flavours is the seductive whisper of HENDRICK'S GIN.

Do not get too relaxed, however, as our guests are coming and we must prepare their wonderful winter cocktails! Put down your teacup, take off that ridiculous hat – and replace it with even more flamboyant headwear suitable for a seasonal soiree. Tilt it a little to the left. Perfect! Now that you are gussied up and ready for company, let us consider the fabulous choice of cocktails.

gin buckIs there a perfect cocktail for a winter soiree?

Of course not. But the pursuit of perfection can lead us to some extremely delicious places. Your guests – whether they are lifelong friends, new acquaintances, or mortal enemies– should never be denied the greatness of the Hot Gin Old Fashioned. It is but the sparkling pinnacle of the evening winter cocktail. Likewise, the HENDRICK'S GIN Buck is such a titanically magnificent cocktail recipe for winter, that it may be the favoured sip of your social gathering.

The reason HENDRICK'S GIN is the favoured spirit for a winter's evening is much debated, and we do not wish to provoke age-old arguments as to why this is the case. Winter gin cocktail enthusiasts can largely be divided into two categories. Firstly, there are those who believe the answer lies in HENDRICK'S GIN’s ‘luminosity’ compared with the dark heaviness of lesser spirits. For the believers in the Luminosity Theory, the subtle warming heat and poetic complexity of HENDRICK'S GIN – as light and mysterious as the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) – is the central reason our gin is such an excellent winter gin. Then there is the summer brigade, with their wild notion that HENDRICK'S GIN is the greatest winter spirit as it carries the gaiety of summer into the darkest months.

HG Festive Celebration 70 cl 35 cl naked bottle 731 Joe Sarah 1

While the above-mentioned luminous ones love winter, these contradictory fellows yearn for the languorous lawns of summer throughout the year. They lament the absence of the sun with a winter cocktail that acts as an ode to the summer that remains within them all year. While we will not be drawn into this contentious issue, we will say that winter is a glorious season in its own right and there is much to be said for the celebration of the current moment. But we are being lost in such asides. Let us return to the party we are now at.

As your guests’ laughter, the crackle of the fire, and the dark winter sky outside combine in raucous accord, you are ready for the climax of the evening in the form of the sublime French 75. The French 75 answers the age-old question of ‘gin or champagne?’ with a resounding ‘BOTH!’ As your guests raise a triumphant 75 to your superb hosting, and cockles everywhere are warmed, we wish you bright jolly dances long into the happy nights of your winter festivities.

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