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Absurdly Unusual Gin Gifts for Gin Lovers

Prepare for very good news. Gin lovers deserve more, and HENDRICK’S-GIN-lovers even more than that. With this in mind, we have put together an exquisite selection of unusually high-quality gin gift recommendations for the person of taste in your life (be it yourself or somebody else).

Let us start with the admirable hamper, long a symbol of timeless, idyllic afternoons and decadent luxury.


The gin hamper, made of wicker in the traditional style, brimming with fine HENDRICK’S GINS and all the accoutrements one needs for a splendidly ginny time is the kind of gift we all want. As well as the HENDRICK’S GINS themselves, high-quality tonic water (and other mixers) are essential to include, along with beautiful glassware and any fruit or other suitable garnishments. The inclusion of a cucumber is not legally a necessity but is STRONGLY recommended and desired. Shakers, pourers and all manner of gorgeous cocktail gadgetry are also welcome in a gin hamper. This gin gift box is a wanted variation on the hamper, often generously filled with several different bottles of precious HENDRICK’S GIN.

Certain gifts for HENDRICK’S GIN-lovers are yet to exist, these include:

The Cucumber Catapult:
Pass a cucumber over the garden wall effortlessly with this convenient 3-ton device. Capable of unguided cucumber flight of up to 5 metres. Do NOT use near cats. (It is extremely noisy and should not be used near airports or kite-flying hotspots).

Snowman Cocktail Insurance:
Worried that your snowman will sneak into your home and drink your cocktail? We all are. But thankfully our comprehensive snowman insurance policy covers cocktails (of up to £300 value) against snow-people consumption.  Additional coverage is available to compensate for jolly bearded characters who have arrived by chimney taking drinks or mince pies*.

Terms & conditions: Our policy does cover any incidents that take place in winter or in cold temperatures

(*or mincemeat pies to our American friends)

Present X-ray: The Gin-Gift-o-Scan 2000:
Tired of non-Gin presents? Our non-patented (non-tested) home X-ray system fits simply above your front door and scans wrapped presents as they are brought on your premises to reveal their contents. A large LCD screen will inform you of the presence of socks, novelty books or any other unwanted gifts before they enter your home. An automatic print-out then informs guests that you would prefer HENDRICK’S GIN, saving time and embarrassment for everyone. At only 5 metres wide it is small enough to fit anywhere that can accommodate a large car.

The best actual Hendrick’s holiday gift: The Cocktail Party

The other thing the HENDRICK’S-GIN-lover may love is a party! Let’s keep it simple using the KISS principle (meaning those who do things with effortless grace are more likely to get a kiss).

Hendrick s Original Festive French 75 Gin and Tonic Tray Global IMG 1920x1080 1 min

The party begins with the singular simplicity of the HENDRICK’S & Tonic. After this, guests are presented with a choice: those coming in from the snow (or simply requiring something hot) may go for Mr Micawber’s Hot Gin Punch, others may allow themselves to be seduced by the sublime tastiness and perfect style of the Martinez. After the ice (and cucumber) has been broken it is time to reward your already lucky guests with the delicious French 75.

After such triumphant cocktails, the sharing of outrageous stories, much riveting conversation and perhaps even a little flirting, the party is winding down…wait did someone say Chilli Chocolate Espresso Martini with Hendrick's Lunar Gin? Although fashioned with Lunar, the many varieties of HENDRICK’S GIN make a delectable substitution.

Maybe the party should last a few more hours.

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