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Delightfully Festive Cocktails & Unusually HENDRICK’S Holiday Party Ideas

A top-rate Holiday Party is a jolly and memorable affair, and it needn’t be difficult to organise (we actually mean that). We are going to take you by the mittened hand and walk you through some deliciously snow-kissed tips for hosting a Holiday Soiree.

(We can wait until you’ve finished that glass of Hot Gin Old Fashioned before we start if you’d like).

During this brief adventure into festive celebrations, we will share secrets on all the juiciest subjects, including festive cocktails, holiday party ideas, winter cocktails (and by that we mean winter HENDRICK’S GIN cocktails). We will also prove that hot holiday drinks needn’t be too sweet and one-dimensional, and that they can be every bit as enticing as the classic cocktails.

Some like it ginny

You may be expecting mention of the Hot Spiced Apple, and my goodness you are absolutely right, we will not disappoint! It would be remiss not to offer guests something mulled and warming as they shake the snow from their smiling heads and enter your abode. The warming wonder of the Hot Spiced Apple offers such a seasonal treat, but with far more complexity than mulled wine. This is an uproariously enjoyable marriage of hot apple cider and your favourite HENDRICK’S GIN, which quite frankly is every bit as wonderful as it sounds. If your guests’ cockles are in need of further warming, or have more old-fashioned tastes, it is time to roll in the lusciously magnificent Hot Gin Old Fashioned. If you have yet to try a hot old fashioned gin, hold on tight to your woolly hat and mince pies, for you are in for a truly festive treat!

Just because it's a holiday, there is no need to forget sophistication, so lean into elegance with the infinitely suave Negroni. Ready the Campari®, and prepare for an unusually festive aperitivo! The Negroni is the epitome of the classic cocktail, and a perfect Negroni marks you out as the distinguished host. Though, a deviously flattering social trick is to make the first round of cocktails slightly imperfect, feign ignorance and allow knowledgeable guests to insist on making the second round. Not only is this one less task for you to do but allows your talented guest a moment to shine (PLEASE keep this tip secret).

Decorate your home and person

If you don’t have the fortune to live in an actual grotto, then there are still ways to give your home an unusually festive feel with these brilliant and Hendricksian holiday party ideas. If you wish to go to absurd lengths, then you could remove your roof and let the snow fill your rooms and grow a holiday tree forest in your bathroom. This may not be practical for everyone (or anyone to be fair) so instead choose some sprigs of holly. A smattering of seasonal plants and flowers are very welcome, as are humorous touches such as faces drawn on fruit in the bowl or framed photos of historical figures altered to look like elves. A disgracefully distasteful and over-the-top holiday jumper is to be encouraged, but as with the Negroni above, elegance is another utterly acceptable approach as is a classic black dress or suit decorated with tiny holiday ornaments and festive cucumber brooches as an understated delight.

A Holiday Culmination

Towards the end of the night, leap into the room wearing a pair of oversized antlers and announce the imminent serving of the triumphant French 75 with great drama. This is a decadent cabaret of champagne and HENDRICK’S GIN, and an utterly irresistible climax to an evening that will leave your lucky guests besotted with their hosts impeccable taste and generosity. The serving of a French 75 is best paired with the playing of a Victorian parlour game. There are too many to mention here but we strongly recommend that you look some up. Hide-and-seek is a game scandalously overlooked by adults – and is genuinely hilarious to play, though we would recommend you are careful to hide away anything personal that may be embarrassing if found during the course of the game!

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Pens and paper should be ready should your guests be of a creative nature. Likewise, an improvised holiday play is not necessarily as excruciating as it sounds (just make sure to have a strict time limit).

You now know everything you need to ensure your guests enjoy a superior holiday party. One big tip we should add: the host having fun is more important than anything! Don’t fret about the details, as your guests just want to see you having a good time. We are sure your HENDRICK’S Holiday Party will be a massive success and we wish you all peace, jollity and a very merry holiday.

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